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Welcome to the BadgerBits website: Australian-outline N Scale and Freelance On30 Model Railways

The LittleBadger's first blog

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Welcome to this website! I'm the LittleBadger, aka Coastalrev, aka Glenn Farrell.

I began railway modelling at the age of 14 in late 1984 and have every issue of AMRM published since then. For most of that time I have also been a member of the Southern Cross Model Railway Association, and for a time was a member of Epping Model Railway Club. In those days I was modelling (or attempting to model) HO scale Australian outline. It was an exciting time with many injection-moulded styrene kits replacing the old resin or polyurethane kits and basic injection-moulded ready-to-run projects appearing from Trax, then Powerline and AR Kits.

In the Epping club I contributed a whole 6 inches of ballast to their layout Great Southern Railway and ballasted most of the modules for their HO modular layout that never saw the light of day. I am grateful to the Epping Club for their encouragement, and especially Andrew Lee and David Reidy who taught a young bloke a lot about making scenery.

For most of the last 20 years I was an armchair HO Australian modeller and upon becoming an Anglican Minister and marrying I figured the combination meant I ought to kiss goodbye to the hobby of railway modelling.

My wife, however, had other ideas and showed what a catch she is: She started building me a baseboard for a model railway because she figured I needed a hobby! When I found out what she was up to I convinced her that N-scale was the better option: it's more compact, there is no net loss in terms of models because my HO models were all so old that they were outdated in terms of quality: therefore, whether returning to HO or starting out in N-scale, I would have to have started afresh as a railway modeller.

N Scale Australian Outline modelling is not too different from where HO scale was 25 years ago, however the internet has made the ability to contact manufacturers much easier. Therefore the ability to source models is much easier.

But the biggest frustration I had was getting hold of models from Phil Badger! He has great products but I, like many, found it hard to get stuff from him or even to know what he manufactures. 

Thankfully Phil welcomed me into the NSW N-scale Group and has taught me a lot about modelling. As an expression of thankfulness to Phil I have set up his site for him. One day I may even set up a site for the other folk who welcomed me into the fold, Dave and Tracey from Pallas Hobbies.

Modelling in N Scale is fun, rewarding and easy. Our hope with this site is to make access Phil's models fun, rewarding and easy!

All the best,


The Little Badger.

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